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    7 September 2014

    After a solid race season so far with lots of great improvements taking place I have just finished the two biggest races of the year. Leading into these two races I put together a great training block in Boulder and I was confident of getting to great results in consecutive weekends. The first race was the 5150 Olympic distance Championship race in Iowa with the largest prize purse in the sport. The following weekend I had the 70.3 World Championships. Both races boasted very deep competitive fields and I was expecting some fast racing.

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    13 July 2014

    I have just had a great week with the arrival of my parents and the Boulder Peak Triathlon. I placed second last year and I really wanted to get a great result in front of my parents. The course changed a little due to road damage from the flooding last year so we didn’t have the Classic Peak of old stage road. The organizers still did a great job of making the bike course challenging. I had a week off following my three sequential 70.3 races and had only been back in training for a week in the lead-up to this race. I was nervous, as I knew that it would either be a fantastic day and that I would feel unbelievably good or that I would feel like I’m pushing through concrete all day long. Ben and I talked a lot in the week to make sure I wasn’t digging myself a hole so I could have a good hit out in the race.

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  • SYRACUSE 70.3 2014

    22 June 2014

    I made it!! I have just finished off my three 70.3 races on back-to-back weekends. All in all it has been a great few weeks with my final race last Sunday in Syracuse. My body definitely feels ready for an easy week! I loved the challenges thrown my way racing over consecutive weekends and I am really happy with how I raced in each race. I have learnt a lot and feel like I have really gained some valuable race experience and overall strength. The plan from here is to recover well, physically and mentally, this week before ramping up the training leading into the Hy-Vee Championships and the 70.3 World Championships.

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  • BOULDER 70.3 2014

    15 June 2014

    I raced the Boulder 70.3 on the weekend; it is really quite an awesome thing being able to race just down the road from home! It definitely makes for quite a relaxed lead in to the race and it is always nice knowing the course really well. Transition is about a ten-minute bike ride from my front door and the bike course goes almost straight past my front door. This years Boulder 70.3 is about a month earlier than last year so it was quite cool on race morning. The field that was ready to commence battle was far from cool with a very solid line up of previous World Champions, Olympians and multiple 70.3 winners, incredibly a lot of these guys are based in Boulder for much of the year. Coming off the back of my first 70.3 win in Kansas last weekend I was feeling pretty good and ready to go again. I have had an easier week since Kansas 70.3 to make sure I recovered well and be ready for a fast race on the weekend.

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  • KANSAS 70.3 2014

    8 June 2014

    Since my win in Memphis three weeks ago I have been back in Boulder doing a hard training block leading up to this next series of races, three 70.3 events in a row! My first race of this block was on the weekend just been in Kansas, I checked out the map and decided that Kansas is close enough to Boulder to pack the car up and head off for a road trip. I was excited to have the challenge of the 3 races in a row in front of me with a keen interest on how my body will respond to the workload. First things first and that was to have a good race in Kansas 70.3 on Sunday. I wanted to get a solid result in Kansas to set me up well for the following two weekends of racing, with the aim being not to dig too and destroy myself for the weeks ahead. One of my main efforts over the weekend and the next two weeks is to make sure I am very on top of my nutrition and hydration pre, during and post race.

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  • Memphis in May 5150 2014

    MEMPHIS IN MAY 5150 2014

    18 May 2014

    As I stare out the window watching the ground below me while listening to John Butler Trio through my headphones, I have a smile on my face. Ok, maybe more of a cheeky grin but I am happy. I am flying back from Memphis where I have spent the last few days for the Memphis in May triathlon on Sunday. This race is part of the 5150 series and has a unique experience with a time trial start. What this meant was that on race morning they started the athletes one by one alternating female – male with ten seconds between each athlete. I was interested to see how the start would affect swim time differences with weaker swimmers not being able to sit in a pack and get towed along and the bike pack dynamics. I was the twenty-third athlete out of 25 to start so I got to spend the day chasing athletes in front of me all day! There was an extra curve ball thrown on race morning, with some very heavy rain over night and the early morning the grassy transition area turned into a muddy ankle deep quagmire.

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  • ST ANTHONIES 5150 2014

    27 April 2014

    I have arrived back to Boulder with sore legs and a feeling of accomplishment after the weekend. On Sunday I raced in one of the great classics of non-drafting racing, the St Anthony’s triathlon. It is one of the oldest standing Olympic distance non-drafting races. The race always has a very strong field and hard close racing is guaranteed. I was going into this year’s race feeling stronger than previously but with a little bit less speed work under my belt with all of the half ironman training so I was a little nervous to see what I could produce on race day. Nonetheless a hard day ahead was guaranteed!

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  • TEXAS 70.3 2014

    6 April 2014

    Over the weekend I raced a 70.3 in Galveston, Texas and I reached a whole new level of pain and discomfort that I have reached before! Galveston was my second 70.3 in a week, I have never raced two 70.3’s a week apart before and it was quite an experience. I have had to do quite a bit of traveling during the week, which was not ideal but I did my best to get in as much good recovery as possible after Oceanside. I felt ok leading into the race and I was really interested to see how my body would respond to doing two big races within a week.

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  • OCEANSIDE 70.3 2014

    29 March 2014

    On the weekend just been I competed in my first race back in the United States for 2014 in Oceanside, Californi. It is the first big race of the season and always attracks a very big and strong field. I was not happy with the start of my season so I wanted to use this race to prove to myself that I can put one of these 70.3 races together. Oceanside puts up a very challenging and different course, which takes you through the marine base Camp Pendleton for much of the race. My plan for the day was to try and learn from the many great athletes I was racing against including Olympic champion and 70.3 winner Jan Frodeno, current 70.3 World Champion Sebastian Kienle and many many other multiple 70.3 winners. The race was dubbed the early season world championships!

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  • AUCKLAND 70.3 2014

    19 January 2014

    To kick off my 2014 season, I decided to jump in the deep end and line up for the Oceania 70.3 Championships in Auckland. I have had a good training block and felt in form heading into the race. It was great to be competing again and catch up with friends who I have not seen in a while. Pre-race dinner was at an Indian Restaurant, which may seem like a risky choice but has been done many times before – a delicious meal which on this occasion, unfortunately did revisit me the next day.

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    6 October 2013

    Heading to Dallas his year I was hoping it was going to be warmer and dryer than last year. Last year we started in freezing temperatures and heavy rain. The weather report looked good and upon my arrival on Friday the weather was brilliant! I woke up Saturday morning to find it cool and overcast and threatening to rain. Fortunately race morning it was clear sky’s but still on the cooler side, with temperatures about 10C. The swim was a deep water start just before the sun came out so sighting was challenging! I had a good start and settled into third on the swim and found that the body felt a little sluggish. I followed the feet in front of me and tried to use as little energy as possible. By the end of the swim I was still sitting in third and still felt a little flat. I put it out of my head and thought I will be good once I get on my bike.

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    22 September 2013

    I have really been gaining some momentum in the final phase of my season, there has been a lot of racing but I have been really enjoying it and feeling fresh and ready to race each time! I had a weekend at home after my last race before heading to Las Vegas for the infamous Interbike Expo, which is one of the worlds largest bicycle shows. I decided to attend to have a look at some new gear before it comes out next year as well as approach possible future sponsors. It was a great few days networking and meeting a lot of people. I went from Las Vegas to Phoenix Arizona for the next Lifetime Series triathlon in Tempe. I raced on a similar course earlier in the year and won. This time around it was a much stronger field and I knew it was going to be a hard race.

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  • Muskoka 70.3

    MUSKOKA 70.3

    8 September 2013

    My hands have been a bit full since returning from Canada with the horrific floods in Boulder, CO. Luckily Maxine and I are in an area that has had very little flooding and our house has stayed dry. Many have not been as lucky and we have some friends staying with us who were evacuated from their house just up the hill from Boulder. It will be interesting to get back out on the roads to survey the damage., currently every canyon within the front range of Colorado has had some part of the road washed out making it impossible to get by.

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    1 September 2013

    The worlds best Olympic distance non-drafting athletes descended onto Des Moines Iowa over the weekend for the Hy-Vee triathlon. It is the largest pay day for the distance and it should have a world title to it’s name with the field it attracts. I felt great leading into the race and was excited to see what all the hard work was for. I was ranked 11th going into the race and I was proud of the fact with so many world-class athletes. The city does a great job of hosting the race and with backing by Hy-Vee the athletes get spoiled.

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    25 August 2013

    I have commenced my last block of racing before my season is complete. It is a solid schedule and to start with I have three race races on back to back weekends starting with the Chicago Triathlon. I went to Chicago for the first time last year and enjoyed my time there but I didn’t race very well. This year I was better prepared while my main focus is for the following weekend at the Hy-Vee triathlon. This years Chicago Triathlon was a bit different to last years race with an equalizer format and a later morning start. The Life Time Fitness Series organizes calculated the tie gap between the women starting and then men starting afterwards with the hope of a close finish. It’s always a bit strange watching the women start before us!

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  • Boulder 70.3

    BOULDER 70.3

    4 August 2013

    I lined up again in my hometown of Boulder again last weekend for another big race! This time it was for the Boulder 70.3 that was being dubbed by some as the preview to the World Championships in a few weeks time. I had some confidence from my last race, Boulder 5150, and I was excited to have a crack. I knew going into the race there weren’t many strong swimmers so I took some time with my coach to work out the best way to attack the race. I didn’t know if I should go at my pace from the gun and see if anyone comes with me or wait and pace off others knowing the field had a lot of strong runners. I decided to swim my own pace and just try and focus on me and see if it pays off. It was a wetsuit swim making it quite warm so I didn’t push to hard in the swim being well aware that the forecast was for a hot, hot day.

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  • Boulder Peak 5150


    14 July 2013

    I have had a very exciting few days. My dad arrived in town last week and it has been great spending time with him. On Sunday I raced the very competitive Boulder Peak Triathlon. I have been playing around with my bike position recently as I have been struggling to maintain my power and be comfortable in a long effort. After having a reassuring call with my coach Ben and my bike fitter Aaron at Faster I dropped my saddle about 3mm. It felt great straight away and it was a very small move. I was excited to be racing out my front door here in Boulder on the roads that I train on daily!

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  • Buffalo Springs 70.3


    30 June 2013

    I have just returned to Boulder after my second attempt at the 70.3 distance. It was a promising weekend in Lubbock Texas with a strong field assembled for the race. I was excited and nervous for the start and was keen to have another crack in the longer triathlon. The swim is in a natural spring lake and the water was warm although just barely still a wetsuit legal swim. Whether we should be wearing a wetsuit or not became quite a hot topic of discussion at the Pro meeting prior to the race, personally I wasn’t a fan of wearing a wetsuit when the water is so hot and the air temperature even hotter. Josh Amberger and I got out to a quick start in the swim and built up a 60 second buffer on the rest of the field. It was hard to swim to fast as you heated up so quickly. The swim ended up being very short as Josh and I exited the water after 20 minutes, a good four minutes short for a Half Ironman swim.

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  • COLUMBIA 5150

    19 May 2013

    I traveled to Colombia Maryland for another 5150 race. I competed on the challenging course last year and enjoyed the challenge. It was a strong field this year and I was excited heading to the race with some good form and building confidence. I had my new Blue Triad SL and new position that I got optimized in the wind tunnel.

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  • St Anthonies and Wind Tunnel


    28 April 2013

    I have had an exciting few weeks recently starting with the St Anthonies Triathlon followed by a day being fitted to and working in the wind tunnel on my new Blue Triad SL. St Anthonies this year was the the strongest Olympic distance non-drafting triathlon field ever assembled outside of the grand final. There were about 40 professional men toeing the line in Florida this year including multiple world champions, Olympic champions and World series winners. I had a great preparation for the race and was excited to race such a solid field.

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  • I can’t believe I have already been in Boulder for a month, it has been quite an exciting time so time has flown by. I have had a very big month here in Boulder. I have moved into my house, my sister Maxine has arrived for the season and I have been learning how to train and deal with snowy conditions. The snowy weather has definitely created some interesting situations and great experiences. Saying that, I have had a very solid training block and have just got home from racing 2 races back to back.

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  • Geelong Long Course


    10 February 2013

    On the weekend I kicked off my 2013 season with my first Half Ironman. I have been training hard under my new coach Ben Day. It is very early days in the season so we were keen for a hit-out to see how things are going and also have my first taste of 70.3 racing. It has been fun trying some new training ideas and I’m looking forward to seeing how the season progresses. I decided to start off with the Geelong Long Course race. It was my first crack at the distance against the strongest field ever assembled for a 70.3 event in Australia. I had no expectations going into the race and was really just looking forward to getting out there and having a go to see how it went.

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    26 August 2012

    Over the weekend I drove to Chicago to compete in the Toyota Cup. It was my first time to the city and I was excited to have a final hit out before freshening up for the Biggest race of the year. I was happy with my large training block I completed in Boulder, Colorado at altitude. I knew my body would still be a little sluggish for the race so I just wanted to go in and have a solid day and make sure I was ready for HyVee.

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    14 July 2012

    I am writing a quick update from my last few weeks. I am currently living in Boulder Colorado at 1600 meters. Boulder is an amazing town for training. There is the who’s who of triathlon and cycling all based here. There’s also numerous other sports based here to take advantage of the altitude. I am here in my lead up to the biggest race of the year Hy-Vee. It is the biggest prize purse in triathlon with $150,000 for the winner. I am very excited to qualify for the race and I am ranked 5th heading into the race I am confident.

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    1 July 2012

    It has been a hectic few days since I raced in the Liverpool 5150 race on Sunday. It was my first time ever visiting Liverpool and the weather conditions from the moment we arrived were challenging, four seasons in one day with constant howling wind with gusts up to 30mph was going to make for an interesting day! My parents came to Liverpool to watch the race before staying with my sister and me for a few days and seeing in my birthday. It was great to see my Mum and Dad and I was definitely excited to race in front of them. I was actually quite excited to race; Liverpool was also doubling as the European Championships with a tough field lined up as well some tough conditions to deal with it was going to be on from the start! Race morning arrived with a cool 14degree day with patchy rain and some very strong wind again; needless to say it made for a nervous transition area.

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    10 June 2012

    I am writing my recollection from the weekend while I fly high over the English Chanel on my way back to the UK. The next few weeks are my next training block leading into the Liverpool triathlon at the start of July. I competed in Klagenfurt, Austria over the weekend. I have always enjoyed racing in Austria with friendly people and stunning scenery. It was my first time to the city and it is a great memory to keep. My sister Maxine and I had an amazing home stay. We were a couple blocks from the centre of town and was a nice to walk into the centre and see the colourful city.

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    28 May 2012

    It has been a hectic few weeks since my last race in Columbia. I travelled back to my base in Florida for a few days, did a bit of training and packed our house up before heading west Dallas. With my sister Maxine and training partner Dane we flew into Dallas and then hit the road to Austin, about three hours drive away. We had heard many great things about the city and were excited to see what the hype was about.

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    20 May 2012

    I am excited to report from my latest race over the weekend. I traveled to a beautiful little town, Columbia in the North East corner of America, and was interested to see what the course had to offer. It is one of the longest standing race's in the triathlon world at 29years and is known for its very challenging course. It is a course that challenges you from start to finish with its undulating and twisting terrain! There was a strong field assembled to attack the race and I was excited to again line up against the best in the non-drafting world to see what I could do.

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    29 April 2012

    Last weekend I took the plunge and started my first American based non-drafting race! It kicked off in St Petersburg, Florida on the south east coast of the USA. The race distance is the same, 1500m/40km/10km, but the race is conducted under a non-drafting rule for the bike. Non-drafting rules state that each rider has their ‘own’ space around them, one metre each side of them and 10m behind them that no other rider is allowed to enter so that no one gains any advantage of a draft from another rider. This makes the bike leg of the race very important; you have to be able to ride hard for 40km! The only non-drafting race I have ever competed in is the famous Noosa triathlon at the end of each year.

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    21 April 2012

    Last weekend was one of my favourite races for the year in Mooloolaba, Australia. It is always a great weekend with thousands of athletes, Elite and Age group, heading to the Sunshine Coast all for the reason – to race to their limits! Thursday before the event Mooloolaba threw a curve-ball our way with some very abnormal weather, there was a huge downpour of rain with some cyclonic winds which lead to serious flooding resulting in half of the race course being under a metre of water. I must commend the work of USM Events for managing to deal with the situation and still make the weekend of festivities continue as normal after a very big cleaning up effort. Luckily the ‘Sunshine Coast’ lived up to its name and race day was magnificent, the sun was out and it was perfect conditions to battle it out.

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    10 March 2012

    Last weekend I headed south to Tasmania, more specifically to the small town of Devonport. It was my first time to the quaint city and it was nice. The small sleepy city was slightly disrupted with hundreds of triathletes descending upon Devonport for the weekend to compete in the age group race as well as the Oceania Championship. This was a big weekend for all athletes as there was valuable country qualifying Olympics points on the line as well as all of the selectors looking at athletes for the individual positions. It was my first Olympic distance race for the year and I was looking forward to putting all that training to good use on race day. I felt great leading into the race and I had a race plan of attacking it from the start.

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    25 February 2012

    On the weekend I travelled to Geelong in Victoria for my first race of the 2012 season. After many weeks of solid training under the guidance of my new coach Michelle Dillon, I was pumped to finally have a hit out to see what shape I was in. It was a sprint distance race, or half Olympic Distance, which consisted of a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. The shorter sprint format does not suit me as much as the Olympic distance but it is nice to have a race done in under an hour.

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  • Hamilton Island race report


    23 November 2011

    I am now back to reality and recalling the amazing long weekend I just experienced in the stunning scenery of Hamilton Island. It is hard to sit down and write after being submerged in a paradise. I packed up my bike and headed off to the airport on Thursday and was staying on the island until Tuesday. I have never been to the island and I was excited about what was ahead. The weekend had 2 events with a sprint distance triathlon over one of the most demanding courses in the world on the Saturday, Sunday followed with an ocean swim on Whitehaven beach. Landing on the island was like walking from reality to a postcard, the view from the runway was amazing.

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  • Noosa Triathlon 2011


    30 October 2011

    Over the weekend I had my first race back after my end of season break. It is one of my favourite weekends in the year as it is on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia in the stunning setting of Noosa. It is a magical place and when the triathlon is on the buzz is electric, a must visit for everyone at least once.

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    After a slow start to my year with some terrible results, I took a step back and decided that what I was missing were a few months of 'grungy' training. The type of training where you are pushing yourself as hard as you can and just ticking the days over! I have managed to start this process and have got through a decent block of 'that' training, with another few weeks of it to go! Even though my focus at the moment is training I am still going to do a few races. On the weekend I travelled down the road and across the border into Geneva for a Continental Cup. I was excited for the race as it was one that I have never done before and I always hear how strenuous the course is.

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    On the weekend I was able to have a first hand look at the Olympic course in Hyde Park, London. It is exciting to see the course layout and get an opportunity to go around at pace to see how it feels. I went into the race with a good training block under my belt but not fully rested as I now have 4 weekends of racing in a row. This time of year is when racing gets interesting, as over the next 7 weeks I will more than likely be racing 6 of the 7 weekends.

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  • Cremona and Kitzbuhel Race report


    Last couple of weeks have been busy in my life. I had 2 weekends in a row of racing and I had to travel from France to Italy back to France then across to Austria. I was excited for the travel and with a road trip planned for Italy I thought it would be a great opportunity to see some amazing scenery and hang out with some fellow Australian athletes. The mountains dwarfed us in the van and to see the mountains towering over us and kissing the clouds and the road winding through the hills like a snake was fantastic. I just wish I had a quick car so I could drive and enjoy the roads.

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  • Huangshan Continental Race Report


    25 April 2011

    Last weekend I competed in an ITU Premium Asian Cup in Huangshan China. I have never raced in China before and I was looking forward to the new experience and the opportunity to race in a field where I knew very little about quite a few of the about the athletes I was competing against! I was ranked number 1 for the race and with that the expectation that comes with it. The days leading into the race were sunny, hot and humid so staying well hydrated was high on the priorities list. I woke up on race morning to overcast skies and cool temperatures. I didn't mind it being a bit cooler for racing so I was not too worried.

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    17 April 2011

    I was lucky to travel to Ishigaki, Japan this year for one of the most historic World Cups on the circuit. I have competed there once before and it is an incredibly beautiful island with extremely friendly locals always willing to help or even grasp a high five as you run along the shore line.

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  • Mooloolaba World Cup 2011


    2 April 2011

    Last weekend I competed in one of my favorite races of the year in Mooloolaba Australia. I have had some great success in previous years and I was hoping to have another great result but I had to also remember it has only been three and a half months since falling off my bike. I have had a couple good weeks training and thought I might be able to sneak out a decent result. I was excited to be back on the Sunshine Coast and the crowd is always fantastic.

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    Kitzbuhel was the home to the next race in the series. Kitzbuhel town might not be the most recognised name in race venues but it would have to be hands down the most beautiful and picturesque race site in the world. The town is very small and it is one of my most favourite towns. It Is a very wealthy place and is surrounded my mountains that are reaching for the sky and dwarf the town. I particularly like Kitzbuhel for not only the scenery but the cars that are cruising the street. It is a car lovers dream. You see many super cars and lots of luxury cars.

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    I have struggled to sit down and write my report for the London race for a few reasons. It was first delayed as I spent the week after the race in England visiting family I haven’t seen for many years and didn’t have Internet in a tiny little town. The second reason was I was very disappointed in my performance and was to be truthful embarrassed.

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  • Holten ITU World Cup 2010


    I was a little nervous going into the race in Holten as I had been in a big training block and it had been a few weeks since my last race. I went into the race ranked number one, but I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy day at the office. I had also placed some high expectations upon myself.

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  • Beauvais Race Report


    There is only one word that comes to mind to describe my first experience in the French GP Triathlon Series. INTENSE!!!!! The team warned me about 100 times before the race to be ready for a fast and furious race. I thought I was ready for the ferociousness but WOW, it was still a shock when the gun went.

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  • WCS Madrid Race Report


    6 June 2010

    Madrid was home to the third race of the ITU World Championship Series. I went into the race feeling good and had some solid training behind me. The course in the Spanish capital suits me, as the swim is a lake swim followed by a hilly technical bike course, which tests even the strongest athletes. The run is not hilly, but is either slightly uphill or slightly downhill, but never flat. The weather usually contributes to a hard day out on the course, with hot humid conditions similar to Australia.

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  • Witten Race Report


    22 May 2010

    On the weekend I competed in my first German Bundesliga race for the year. It was in my team's hometown of Witten, on a challenging course with a novel format that, to be honest, was a little bit crazy. The race was essentially 2 races in one - a team relay in the morning and then a team time trial (TTT) in the afternoon. This made for exciting racing for both athletes and spectators alike. In the morning each team athlete completed a 200m swim in a 25m temporary pool, then on to a 3 lap (5k) bike followed by a 2 lap (1.3k) run, then tags the next team member. Short fast and very technical! In the afternoon TTT, all 5 of the team start together and 4 must finish together - the clock stopping when the 4th athlete crosses the line. The teams performance in the morning dictated where the team started in the afternoon. The TTT followed the same course but the distance increased 300m swim, 8-lap bike and a 5-lap run

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  • Seoul Race Report


    5 February 2010

    Seoul was the second race in the World Championship Series. I was feeling confident going into the race after my performances in Australia (Mooloolaba and Sydney). The course in Seoul looked easy but when we got to ride around the course before the race I realized that the race was going to be hard and all about positioning yourself well in the group.

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  • World Championship Series in Sydney


    6 December 2010

    Yesterday I competed in the First race of the World Championship Series in Sydney. It is the premium series for triathlon worldwide. I went into this race with confidence after the race 2 weeks ago in Mooloolaba and the course in Sydney was similar in profile with a large hill on both bike and run legs. The venue for the race is set in front of Sydney's Iconic Landmarks the Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

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  • Mooloolaba ITU World Cup 2010


    30 March 2010

    Over the weekend I competed in the Mooloolaba ITU World Cup it was the first world cup for the year. Over the past months I have been putting in a lot of hard consistent miles into the legs and arms and I was feeling good and I was extremely excited about having a good race.

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