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Boulder Peak 5150Boulder Peak 5150Boulder Peak 5150

I have had a very exciting few days. My dad arrived in town last week and it has been great spending time with him. On Sunday I raced the very competitive Boulder Peak Triathlon. I have been playing around with my bike position recently as I have been struggling to maintain my power and be comfortable in a long effort. After having a reassuring call with my coach Ben and my bike fitter Aaron at Faster I dropped my saddle about 3mm. It felt great straight away and it was a very small move. I was excited to be racing out my front door here in Boulder on the roads that I train on daily!


I felt confident before the race but at the same time I knew it was going to be a hard day out with some very talented athletes toeing the line. I was happy with my starting position to the far left alongside many fast swimmers including Josh Amberger, Joey Lampe and Dennis Vassiliev. I knew they would take the swim out quick and I was hoping we could break the field up early. I settled into 4th spot and felt comfortable. I was getting knocked about at the start so I pushed back and was able to get some room. The swim was quickly single file and the pace was on. I could tell that there was know one behind me and with the guys in front keeping a torrid pace going I knew we were stringing the field out. I exited the water feeling good in 4th place and quickly ran into 2nd just behind Josh. Josh had a better position in transition for the swim bike change over and got a small gap on me.


The bike course was a challenging course and straight away we were on a false flat slowly climbing. I managed to maintain the gap Josh had on me out of transition and keep him in sight. Just as we were turning into Lee Hill where the hill really starts to kick up Tim O'Donnel overtook me. I kept both Josh and Tim in sight when the hill turns into Old Stage and the gradient really increases up to 18%. I felt strong and knew I needed to control the pace up the hill otherwise I would pay for it in the second half of the bike. I managed to get over the top of the climb 50 seconds down on Tim and Josh. I felt strong and knew the decent really well and was able to get up to nearly 100kpm. I pushed the decent and tried to pull back some time on the front two. It was nice with the girls starting ahead of us as it gave me people to chase for the second half of the bike leg. I pushed hard all the way home and felt good, the best part was having my power return to where it should be, bike position sorted! I entered second transition in third place just 40seconds behind the leaders and I could see Josh just leaving. My rack position was a better position for the second swap over and I managed to gain some time back.


I was 40 seconds down on the leaders off the bike and ran out of transition feeling good. I knew I needed to build the start of the run, as the Boulder Triathlon run is hot, hilly, off road and today quite windy! I could see Josh just up ahead of me and my running legs were feeling good. I could feel my confidence building with each step of the run. I managed to catch Josh just at the start of the second of three laps. We had a quick chat and encouraged each other on knowing we were both in a great spot to be on the podium this late in the race. I could see Tim on the u-turns but knew the gap was too big to catch him. I kept the pace on and pushed through until the end when I was then able to back off and enjoy the feeling of a second place and putting together a good race.

I was very happy crossing the line and it was almost a relief to finally crack a podium in a strong field. It was a hard day out there and I managed to pull off a great race and get a result that gives me great confidence leading into the Boulder 70.3 at the start of August. I now have three more weeks of training up here in Boulder leading into the 70.3.

The day after the race was an easy day so my Dad, sister Maxine and I went out to the local airfield and went up in gliders that took us over the Front Range Mountains in Boulder. It was a magnificent experience and just topped off a fantastic few days. I'm now back into some training in preparation for the next race. I am excited to tackle another half and especially one with a course that I will know so well!

IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner