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I have commenced my last block of racing before my season is complete. It is a solid schedule and to start with I have three race races on back to back weekends starting with the Chicago Triathlon. I went to Chicago for the first time last year and enjoyed my time there but I didn't race very well. This year I was better prepared while my main focus is for the following weekend at the Hy-Vee triathlon. This years Chicago Triathlon was a bit different to last years race with an equalizer format and a later morning start. The Life Time Fitness Series organizes calculated the tie gap between the women starting and then men starting afterwards with the hope of a close finish. It's always a bit strange watching the women start before us!

It was a strong start list in Chicago and which meant it was going to be a good hit out leading into Hy-Vee. There were some very strong swimmers in the field so I was hoping it was going to string the field out. I had a decent start and worked my way into 4th position by the first turn. There were 2 athletes clear of the field and opening a gap after a fast start. I felt very comfortable sitting in 2nd position and could see that the 2 guys out front were not pulling away any more just holding the gap. So I decided to hold my position and wait until my feet hit land.

The run to transition is long and I ran solid but didn't want to redline on the run as it will hurt you for the start of the bike. I managed to get into transition in 4th in the group and had a good change over and was out quickly on the bike.  The pace was fast straight away and I pushed hard to stay in contention. The wind was moving around a lot because of the city and my legs were burning and my heart pumping. I was just off the back of the lead guys on the bike and we managed to catch the two swim leaders very quickly. I managed to stay in contact with the front of the race until about half way point and my legs just didn't quite have the top end power to stay there. I dropped off the pace and tried to settle down and recover with am aim to hold my position and then try and catch some guys on the run. The bumby rough, at times, road certainly added another challenge for the bike, serious concentration was needed on where you were going so you didn't hit any of the big ruts in the road!

I jumped off the bike in 6th place and had a few athletes just in front of me and just behind me off the bike. I had a good second transition and was out onto the run and the legs felt pretty good. I had a good cadence and felt like I was moving well. Jarrod Shoemaker was just behind me off the bike and the Olympian caught me on the run but didn't run past me much faster.  It was great chasing the girls on the course and it certainly made for a good challenge and to keep me on top of my pacing! At the turn I could see how I was positioned and I was happy with my position considering I didn't feel great on the bike and didn't think that I rode very well. I knew I was safe in my position after the turn so I kept running quickly but didn't dig deep as I know the following weekend is more important.

I was happy when I crossed the line in 7th place as it was a solid result in a strong field. I am now having an easy week getting ready for Hy-Vee this coming weekend. I have some big ambitions for the weekend ahead. For now I will put my feet up and let the body absorb all the work I have put in over the last few weeks.


IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner