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Over the weekend I drove to Chicago to compete in the Toyota Cup. It was my first time to the city and I was excited to have a final hit out before freshening up for the Biggest race of the year. I was happy with my large training block I completed in Boulder, Colorado at altitude. I knew my body would still be a little sluggish for the race so I just wanted to go in and have a solid day and make sure I was ready for HyVee.


The weather in the morning was nice but that quickly changed by the time we kicked off and it was overcast and starting to rain. It was going to be windy and wet out there, combined with some slippery major city roads things just got a bit more challenging. I had a good swim start and settled into 4th position and was feeling comfortable. We were 4 wide heading into the first turn,  I was on the outside so I slid back to about 6th in line. I felt good so I decided to just follow the feet in front of me and just get ready for the long run from the swim exit to transition. I felt comfortable sitting on the feet in front but when I tried to pull out and accelerate I couldn't so I stayed in position and waited for the exit. It was about a mile run from the swim exit to the transition area. The boys were running fast but I stayed in touch and was ready to get onto the bike and push the pace.


I had a good transition and was 3rd onto the bike where we quickly had a little technical section to get up to the main road. I was with all the favorites like Ben Collins and Hunter Kemper - who just got back from his 4th Olympic Games. I felt ok on the bike and when I started to click through the gears I didn't have much power in my legs. I thought I would stay calm and just let the body get going. I was trying to push but my body just wasn't responding. I wasn't hurting or breathing hard but I couldn't seem to push any harder, I felt like I was stuck in third gear. It was a strange sensation, at first I though I would get going more as the race wore on but unfortunately my body was still in a bit of adaptation and was not getting going like I hoped! Unfortunately for me when in such a strong field of men it meant I was like a truck with the reverse lights on. I dropped down the field quickly and could not do anything about it. I just had to focus on myself and try and get the legs going.


By the time I got off the bike it felt like I hadn't even done anything yet but I just couldn't get going. So I thought I would be able to push it more on the run. I had more of the same on the run with the feeling like I was stuck in 3rd gear. I knew my body was just in an adaptation phase after the big training block and the change in altitude. So I did expect to feel average but it is still frustrating to not have a good race. I was running a little scared that Sarah Haskins might catch me but fortunately I was safe from that ever happening! I was happy to see at the run turn that I still had a large gap on her and that made me relax. I started to feel like I was running better at 5.5 miles on the run, unfortunately that was so close to the end that I didn't have much chance to catch anyone. I finished strong but still felt like I could of gone to the start and gone again. It is frustrating when the body is not responding but I knew in my head it meant that all the hard work I have done is starting to pay off and that I will be ready for a good race in Des Moines.


I am now back at my homestay in Des Moines and I am resting up and putting the feet up in preparation for the race. It is the largest prize purse in triathlon with $150,000 for the win as well as $5,000 primes along the way. I hope to be writing my next report with a great result behind me. Thank you again for all your support.



IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner