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I traveled to Colombia Maryland for another 5150 race. I competed on the challenging course last year and enjoyed the challenge. It was a strong field this year and I was excited heading to the race with some good form and building confidence. I had my new Blue Triad SL and new position that I got optimized in the wind tunnel.


Race morning I woke up and went through all my normal rituals and headed to my bike to ride to the race. I had a flat tire and had to change it. Unfortunately the tube I had didn't work so had to get a lift from my home stay to the race to get the flat changed. I started to get a little nervous with the start to the day. I set up transition and headed to race start and re-focused.


I felt good in the warm up with the overcast morning building with everyone's anticipation and nerves. We lined up and off we went. I was swimming up the front and settled into 3rd heading out to the first buoys. The first swimmer had started to gap the rest of the field and I ended up going after him. I was unable to swim with him which is unusual in triathlon. I found out after the race it was his first Pro triathlon after coming from a swimming background.


I exited the water in 2nd and lead the group up into transition. I got onto the bike and settled in and was ready for the hilly hard course. I was with the head of the race and was feeling good. Unfortunately my legs didn't want to ride on Sunday so I ended up dropping off the front of the race and just dropped down the field down the field the rest of the bike ride. I wasn't hurting but couldn't seem to push any hard. It was just one of those days. I entered second transition and got the run shoes on and wanted to make it a good solid training day. I have a belief tha if you pull out of a race it only makes it easier to pull out again.


I had a solid run and just finished off the day. I wasn't to happy about not having a good race but I didn't get upset as it was just one of those days. I had a great time in Columbia and will go back again for the race. I headed back to Boulder had a reassuring talk with my coach Ben Day and I am now ready to have another crack this weekend in New Orleans.

IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner