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Beauvais Race ReportBeauvais Race ReportBeauvais Race Report

There is only one word that comes to mind to describe my first experience in the French GP Triathlon Series.  INTENSE!!!!! The team warned me about 100 times before the race to be ready for a fast and furious race. I thought I was ready for the ferociousness but WOW, it was still a shock when the gun went.


The race was in a town just north of Paris called Beauvais. It is the sister town of the German town I live in Witten. I herd a lot about the town and how good the race was. I was excited and ready to compete. The race was a sprint distance race with an almost straight-line 750 m swim with a beach start, followed by a 20 km bike that was compiled with a small lap and a big lap. The run then was a 2 lap out and back course which was on a dirt-walking path around the lake we swam in. It was a challenging course with narrow roads, speed bumps and potholes.


The team started in the middle of the tarting area and each team has there own start box. I started in the middle of my team Poissy. The team wanted to try and get a great swim start and get good position so we could get a few of us in the front group. Bang the gun goes and I was left behind. The team was gone and I was behind all the guys I was suppose to be leading. I worked hard on the swim and it was a lot of pushing and shoving but I managed to jump onto the tale end of the front swim pack.  It is a steep beach exit then a 500m run to first transition. I sprinted up the grassy hill and grabbed my bike and was out got my feet in and rode hard for the first half a km and was on the front pack. The team said to not work on the bike and just wait for the run. I settled into 4th position on the bike and let the 3 Beauvais team members to swap turns on the front and set the pace. It was a strange feeling sitting in a bike group and not working. I felt a bit lazy but this is team racing.  Alistair Brownlee was race favourite and got a flat tire in the first km.


Jonathan Brownlee Alistair's little brother who is equally as dangerous was on my wheel and he was giving me some good pointers with how the team tactics came into play. It was well taken by me as he won the first race of the series.  I just followed the front 3 and felt pretty good. I was preparing myself mentally to have a fast transition and run. I was 3rd off the bike and was the first one into transition area. I had a great transition and was out right behind Brownlee. I ran out hard and in hindsight I think I ran out to hard but that is what this racing is for, push the comfort zones and learn your limits. I was in second for around the first km and then got passed by David Haus, who was closely followed by form Junior World Champion Luis Vincent. I tried to follow them but could not get my legs to go any quicker. I was breathing so hard and my legs were burning and everything was hurting. This was French racing you just sprint and just go as long as you can.


Just before the first run turn, 2 Beauvais team members passed me. I followed them for a little but then they slowly crept away from me. I then started to feel better and find the speedy legs. I held the gap to the Beauvais athletes. The second pack jumped off the bike 1 minute behind. I had a nice gap to the next athlete so push through to the finish straight and then finished up in 6th place. I was very happy with my result in my debut race.


My team placed 4th overall and the team was very happy with the result. I can't wait for my next attempt at the series and think it will be a great way to fine-tune some skills for the larger races.  I now am relocating to Australia's training base in Southern France in a town called Aix-les-Bains. It is a stunning town and a great place to train and base for the European summer. My next race is in a couple of weeks so time to put the head

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