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The worlds best Olympic distance non-drafting athletes descended onto Des Moines Iowa over the weekend for the Hy-Vee triathlon. It is the largest pay day for the distance and it should have a world title to it's name with the field it attracts. I felt great leading into the race and was excited to see what all the hard work was for.  I was ranked 11th going into the race and I was proud of the fact with so many world-class athletes. The city does a great job of hosting the race and with backing by Hy-Vee the athletes get spoiled.


I was pretty calm race morning to awake to a thunder storm flooding the street and severe lightning.  The race was delayed 45 minutes to try let the storm pass. It was amazing how quickly the clouds rolled over and all the athletes hanging out in the lobby sharing some stories. I had a small scare riding to the race on the wet roads with a girl crashing in front of me and having to play dodgems. I managed to stay up and luckily she was ok and was able to race.


The athletes were introduced with fireworks and a lavish affair helping build the atmosphere. I had an ok start in the swim getting out to the first turning buoy in about 12. I managed to not get hit to much and then started to work my way up the field. I managed to get up to around 6th position and was sitting there feeling good. A gap opens after the front 3 and I didn't let it worry me and stayed in the draft and was getting amped for the bike. I had a good transition and the front 3 had a small gap onto the bike. I was out with Cam Dye who is an animal at the Olympic distance non-drafting events. I managed to pace off him and quickly real in the front 3. We had a few of us push the pace and gaps were opening behind. The roads were slick and it was patchy in spots with the earlier rain.


Going through the park near the start of the bike I was 2nd on the road and feeling strong. Cam was just in front of me and I had 4 time Olympian Hunter Kemper just behind me. Around a wide open left hander on the smooth roads I had a big twitch from my rear wheel sliding and I managed to old it and straightened up a little. I tried to turn a little sharper to keep it on the road and had another slide and was teetering on the edge of the road. I came back from the edge and bumped into Hunter and luckily we both stayed upright and carried on with the day. The next turn was a hairpin and my rear wheel slid again and I thought I had a flat tire which wasn't true. I think my tire was a bit to much air in it for the wet roads and I was lucky to keep it upright. Many athletes crashed on the morning.


I was with the front group and feeling good and all the big names were in the group. The marshals were keeping a close eye on how close we were sitting and making sure it was fair. On the long out and back section a few athletes got dropped with the pace of the bike and the group was getting smaller. At the far turn to head home I got caught up behind another athlete and a gap opened to the group infront. Unfortunatly I couldn't get back in contact and ended up riding the rest of the bike with a very elite group with Bevan Docherty, Javier Gomez and Kevin Collington. I knew I was in good company and a little annoyed I wasn't with the front group but I as feeling good and was ready for the run. I jumped off the bike and had a great transition and got into my rythum. Gomez didn't fly past me straight out of transition which I expected. He passed me eventually and he was moving fast. I found out later he ran a 30:30 10km split which is flying.


The run was interesting this year with the front group, my group and the chase group behind having all sorts of running abilities. I was happy with my run and held onto 11th for the day which was my ranking leading in. It was a hard race and a very strong field and I was happy to put a good race together. I did have situations run through my head if things played out differently but I am now happy with the race and ready for my next race in Canada this weekend. It is a 70.3 distance and have some strong athletes heading up for the race. It will be my 3rd weekend in a row and I am feeling good so far and am pumped to have a crack and try and get my best result yet at the 70.3 distance.

IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner