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KANSAS 70.3 2014

Since my win in Memphis three weeks ago I have been back in Boulder doing a hard training block leading up to this next series of races, three 70.3 events in a row! My first race of this block was on the weekend just been in Kansas, I checked out the map and decided that Kansas is close enough to Boulder to pack the car up and head off for a road trip. I was excited to have the challenge of the 3 races in a row in front of me with a keen interest on how my body will respond to the workload. First things first and that was to have a good race in Kansas 70.3 on Sunday. I wanted to get a solid result in Kansas to set me up well for the following two weekends of racing, with the aim being not to dig too and destroy myself for the weeks ahead. One of my main efforts over the weekend and the next two weeks is to make sure I am very on top of my nutrition and hydration  pre, during and post race.


I arrived in Kansas after my little road trip and settled in with my homestay, Rodney. It is always great having a homestay for these races as they pass on some great local knowledge on the area and the previous races, with Rodney's knowledge we managed to park as close as possible to transition on race morning.


The swim was held in Clinton Lake and though the water felt like it was bath water temperature the race was declared wetsuit legal on race morning. I knew with the water being so warm and with a wetsuit on I would have to be careful of not overheating and paying the price for a big swim effort later in the day.  The gun went off and I had a decent start, settling onto the feet of the two guys I started near. They were setting a great pace and I was happy to just follow in the wake. I felt a little bit flat in the water but I think that was mainly because of the warm temperatures. I could see by the half-way point that we had a front group of four of us with a nice gap over the rest of the field. Exiting the I wanted to have a fast transition and push the pace on the bike early. I did this pretty well and managed to get on the bike third but took over the lead heading up the hill from the first transition. I felt better on the bike than I did in the swim so I was happy. By the time I was nearing the exit of the park I had two of the other lead swimmers, Joe Umphenour and Todd Skipworth, with me.

Todd took the lead from me around the 10km mark and then went on to set a good pace. Joe was just behind us but behind Joe we had a nice gap on the rest of the field. The bike course was quite an undulating once but a really nice course. By the half way mark of the bike, Todd was still leading and I was sitting second focusing on staying calm and controlled. As we took the turn I saw that TJ had ridden up to us, on the downhill following the turn he flew by! I was shocked at how much faster he was down the hill and was worried that I would find myself five or so minutes down by the time I got to the run. Luckily he never got to far out of sight and I just kept plugging away. The second u-turn was a great time for me to see the gaps to everyone on the course, by this stage TJ was still up the road , Todd and I were riding together and putting time into Joe.

I arrived at the second transition a little over two minutes down on TJ and with about a minute over Todd. I had a good transition and quickly settled into my pace while trying to work out how fast I needed to run to catch TJ and hopefully hold Todd off. I managed to catch TJ around the 6km mark of the run and I was feeling quite strong. The crowds on the course were awesome and there were people cheering the entire way around the course, which is always nice! I finished the first lap of the run with a slightly bigger gap over Todd and TJ than I had at the start of the run. I had some friends around the course giving me time gaps so I could keep an eye on how I was travelling compared to Todd. By the final run turn I knew it was going to be a big ask for Todd to catch me so I was able to back off the pace a little bit and really enjoy the run into the finish. I was absolutely stoked to win my first 70.3 race, it was such an awesome feeling running down the finish shoot.  Winning is always a special feeling but winning my first 70.3 event was just a little bit special! One race down, two to go!


I recovered well after the race and enjoyed a bit of time with my homestay and his friends before hitting the road back to Boulder Sunday afternoon.  I am now back in Boulder resting up and getting ready for the Boulder 70.3 race this weekend. There is a great startlist for this event and is has now been nicknamed by some as the second World Championship for the year so it will be a big day! I am quite excited about getting to race in Boulder again, its always nice when you can race in your home town. Thank you so much for your continued support and I will keep you updated on how this weekend goes..




IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
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