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On the weekend I was able to have a first hand look at the Olympic course in Hyde Park, London. It is exciting to see the course layout and get an opportunity to go around at pace to see how it feels. I went into the race with a good training block under my belt but not fully rested as I now have 4 weekends of racing in a row. This time of year is when racing gets interesting, as over the next 7 weeks I will more than likely be racing 6 of the 7 weekends.


I have started to gain some momentum in run speed and it is starting to come together. I am really looking forward to hitting some form for the last few races of the year.  I was feeling relaxed before the race and I was aiming at focussing on going through the process and not worry about what result could happen. I wanted to make sure I was getting the basics right. I was in the middle of the start pontoon and I was ready to have a fast swim. I got swamped at the start and was in about the last 10 around the first turn buoy.  The swim was different to normal with a 1 lap swim. I put my head down after the first turn and swam down the outside of the group to near the front. Once I was near the front by the next swim turn I settled into the group and just got ready for transition.


I jumped out of the water near the front and was up and onto the bike quickly. I was in the front group and felt good. The aim of the race was to have a solid run and build into it and I had to try and monitor my power on the bike so it helped maximize my run performance. The bike was strange as the roads are wide and the corners are flowing so the pace was up on the bike but you were able to get sucked along in the group easily. The sky was covered in dark aminous looking clouds and enivitably it started to rain. The course was pretty safe in the wet except the turn down near Buckingham palace. The road is painted red and it has tree cover all over the road and when the heavy rain came it was like a ice skating rink.


The second of 7 laps a few athletes hit the deck and the group kept on rolling. It was unpredictable as to who was going to go down next and every lap I believe at least 1 athlete came a cropper. On lap 5 I was sitting mid bunch and around the corner 4 athletes in front of me slid out. My rear wheel locked and and started to slide and I released the brake and was able to catch the slide and the bike straightened up and off I went into the barrier at speed. On the approach I thought I was going to go straight over the barriers into the on-looking crowd. I was able to stay on the correct side of the barrier but I still came detached from my bike.  I jumped back on quickly and just wanted to get on the bike and moving before thinking about whether I was in pain or something was broken. I took a little skin off my arm but I was lucky that was all.


I road for a bit by myself and looked back to see 2 athletes coming up behind me.  I waited for them as I knew it would be easier to catch the main group with 3 instead of 1. We worked together well and we caught the main group after just half a lap. My gears were skipping all over the place and I thought I bent my derailleur.  I was unable to move up the group due to the gear skipping and I could not accelerate out of corners as well so would have to ctach



IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner