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I have struggled to sit down and write my report for the London race for a few reasons. It was first delayed as I spent the week after the race in England visiting family I haven't seen for many years and didn't have Internet in a tiny little town. The second reason was I was very disappointed in my performance and was to be truthful embarrassed.


I had some big dreams for the London race and I went into the race with confidence with a strong performance in the World Cup 2 weeks earlier and some solid training behind me. I had time to freshen u a bit more and was feeling fantastic. I was really excited and was ready to have a great day and show that I could race with the worlds best.


The day before the race and morning of I was feeling like I had a spring in my step and was feeling ready to fly around the course. I was ranked well and the swim was a non-wetsuit swim and I was feeling great. Jumped in and did a swim warm up early so I could dry off and get warm before kick off. I had a great starting position amongst all the early race favorites. I was nervous on the start line waiting for the gun but I was feeling ready. Off we went and I had a solid start and was well positioned. I got through the first lap without much contact, which is more luck than anything else. I stayed near the front and just relaxed and stayed comfortable to use that energy for later in the race.


First lpa down had a check of my position and on the re entry I pushed the pace  a bit just to move up more. I then settled back into the group and just followed the feet in front of me and conserved energy. I was ready to jump on the bike and go. The course does not encourage or assist in any break away attempts on the bike but you never know the mentality of the bunch on race day. I jumped out of the water in the front bunch and I jumped on the bike and was ready for a hard bike but I was not going to initiate the move. My focus in this race was o be at the front of the race and push my run.  I sat near the front of the group and I pulled my share of turns but making sure I was not pushing to hard. The group was working well together for the first part of the bike. Unfortunately in a group as soon as one person stops working others stop and the front group got disorganized and unfortunately got caught by the chase pack. The bunch now consisted of around 70 athletes and no one wanted to do the work. The pace was still up but know body was pushing. The course is very fast and to get away and stay away would take a lot of energy and really take it out of the legs for the run.


I sat in the group and conserved for the run but always keeping any eye out for any dangerous break aways. I saw a group go and thought that it would not stay away as it was only a small group. That was my mistake I found out later as that group ended up completing the bike with just over a minute lead and I could of used that advantage as when I jumped off my bike to run I found ou that my legs did not have the spring in them they had the days leading up to the race. The most frustrating part of the run was pushing my body hard and not going anywhere. It felt like I was running on the spot and they did not warm into it. I was emotional after the race as I was focusing on this race and I felt great. It was not my day.  I sat down after the race in the athlete area just thinking about what happened. I was embarrassed with my performance, as it did not add up to how my training has been going. My coach found me sitting there reflecting and we had quick chat. We ran through how I felt and he gave me some great support.


I decided to not get down on the race as I know I am going much better than what the results shows. The only thing to do is not get down on myself and have faith in my coach and the many weeks and months of hard work I have put in. The week after the race with my family was a great mental escape and gave me some solo training time and a good mental break. I have now returned to my French base feeling refreshed and ready to get myself sorted for a result I can be proud of.


The next race is in Kitzbuhle Austria and I love that city. It is one of the most beautiful places on this earth and most of you would know it as the place that the movie Sound of Music was filmed. He hills will be alive on the weekend and it wont be music it will be the worlds best triathlete's converging to battle it out on the challenging course.



IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner