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I am writing a quick update from my last few weeks. I am currently living in Boulder Colorado at 1600 meters. Boulder is an amazing town for training. There is the who's who of triathlon and cycling all based here. There's also numerous other sports based here to take advantage of the altitude. I am here in my lead up to the biggest race of the year Hy-Vee. It is the biggest prize purse in triathlon with $150,000 for the winner. I am very excited to qualify for the race and I am ranked 5th heading into the race I am confident.


I had a race 2 weeks ago in Minneapolis before heading here to Boulder. The race was a good hit out and was surprised with my result after the long travels from the UK. Minneapolis had one of the strongest start lists this year and I was excited to mix it with some Olympians and legends of the sport. I had a good swim start jumping on to former American representative swimmer Dustin Mclarty.  I was able to hold onto him for the first third of the swim before he opened a gap. I then lead the next group of athletes which included most of the race favorites. I exited the water well and was onto the bike quickly and tried to ride with Cam Dye who has been tearing races apart on the bike. I stayed with him for the first part of the bike before his pace was to quick. I then managed to settle into my own rhythm until the group caught me. The Group included 3 time Olympian Bevan Docherty, as well as Hunter Kemper both whom are heading off to the Olympics this year. There was also Andy Potts who just won an Ironman and Ben Collins. So the group included all the best guys. I was able to stay in contact with this group over the technical and bumpy bike course.


I felt a bit flat on the bike and didn't have the same power as I did in Liverpool. I still kept my head in the game and just pushed the pedals. I had a good second transition and was third onto the run jus behind Hunter. Cam had a 90 second lead over the group. Minneapolis is a different race were the girls get a head start and it is a handicap race. So the guys have to try and catch the girls. We were able to catch all the girls but one Sarah Haskins. So the first person across the line gets a bonus $5000. I felt good running out and was trying hard to run with Hunter. He was flying and I was unable to go out at his ferocious pace. I then managed to run by myself for a while before Andy Pots caught me. I latched onto his shoulder and tried to pace off him. I managed to stay with him for about a km and then dropped off. I then ran solo again until Bevan caught me. Once again I latched onto his shoulder and ran with him for a bit before dropping off. By the time this happened we had covered 5km and I was in a world of hurt. It was fairly humid and I wasn't use to it coming from the uk and the next 5 km felt like 10km. I struggle through and kept pushing but my legs seemed to be getting stiffer and stiffer. I was dropping off but still trying to hold my position. I ended up finishing in 7th place and I was happy with the result. I was happy to have a good hit out before heading to Boulder for the training block.


I have been loving Boulder and it was interesting adjusting to the Altitude and training. I got short of breath a couple of times and it is a strange sensation. I know that off the back of this training I will be going very well. It is great to see so many professional athletes in the one place and everyone is so welcoming. Boulder is also very good at having some strange locals around to keep us entertained.


So for now I will have my head down and push through some solid weeks of training thinking about Hy-Vee.

IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner