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OCEANSIDE 70.3 2014

On the weekend just been I competed in my first race back in the United States for 2014 in Oceanside, Californi. It is the first big race of the season and always attracks a very big and strong field. I was not happy with the start of my season so I wanted to use this race to prove to myself that I can put one of these 70.3 races together. Oceanside puts up a very challenging and different course, which takes you through the marine base Camp Pendleton for much of the race. My plan for the day was to try and learn from the many great athletes I was racing against including Olympic champion and 70.3 winner Jan Frodeno, current 70.3 World Champion Sebastian Kienle and many many other multiple 70.3 winners. The race was dubbed the early season world championships!


It was a cool morning to kick off the day and the decision about what to wear became and important one. I thought about wearing an under shirt for the race and in the end decided against it, in hindsight it would have been good to have an extra layer for the start of the bike to help me stay warm.


For the swim I knew Andy Potts was the guy to look out for. When the gun went off I started quite conservatively, not sprinting off at the start. On eth way out to on the swim I found I was sitting in 6th place and there was a small gap forming behind the first two athletes. I knew I needed to cross the gap so I pulled out from the group and swam on my own up to the first two swimmers, Andy was leading with Jan right on his feet. I felt comfortable through the swim and we had a nice gap over the next group. I jumped out of the water and got to my bike and was ready to start quickly. I was not however ready for the pace Andy and Jan went out at and they opened a gap on me quite quickly. I spoke with my coach before the race about what heartrate and power zone I should be in for the race, my aim was to put together a good allround performance. Keeping my head together at the start of the bike while feeling quite cold and knowing I needed to let my body warm up, I did my best to focus on myself and keep within my zones. The swim did a great job of breaking the packs up and I was only getting passed on the bike by one or two athletes at a time. I picked my pace up each time I was passed and was always keeping an eye on my effort as the course is notorious for catching up with you later in the day.


I was not sure what place I jumped off the bike in but I rode within my self and my legs felt good getting off and running. I had a good transition and I put on a GPS watch, I have never raced with a watch before so this way I could keep an eye on things and also take some good data away about where what I need to work on. I felt like I ran out slowly but the watch did the trick as I was spot on for pacing. I felt strong and pretty good on the run. I was able to catch other athletes on the run and it helped me keep pushing. I only started to struggle in the last 800 meters, thankfully a quick stretch kept me on my way. I was happy with my very evenly paced run over the 2 lap course. My fastest km split was a 3:22 and my slowest was a 3:38, so that is a good step in the right direction.


I finished in 12th for the day and was very happy to put a good race together and place well in such a strong field. I have taken a lot of confidence and pointers from the race and I look forward to racing in Texas this coming weekend. It will be interesting to see how my body backs up with two 70.3 race weekends in a row.


My training has been going very well and I know there is more to give across all three disciplines. I will aim to improve my bike and run performance at Texas and always keep pushing myself. I am still aiming at my first podium for the 70.3 distance and this season. I really want to get there.


IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner