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I apologies for the late race report from Seoul. I travelled from Seoul on Tuesday straight to Germany for my overseas racing calendar. I arrived at my German team flat and I have just been setting in and getting everything set up.


Seoul was the second race in the World Championship Series. I was feeling confident going into the race after my performances in Australia (Mooloolaba and Sydney). The course in Seoul looked easy but when we got to ride around the course before the race I realized that the race was going to be hard and all about positioning yourself well in the group.


It was a wetsuit swim with the water temperature sitting just above 15 degrees and the air temperature reaching 24 degrees.  I had a great starting position on the right hand side of the starting pontoon. I had a solid swim start and positioned myself well. The swim was a little bit of push and shove and no one could get away or stretch the group out.


I exited the swim in the top ten and made my way up a lot of stairs to transition!  It was my first wetsuit swim for the year and I was a little slow in transition getting out of my wetsuit. I jumped onto the bike and pushed the first lap of the bike to get to the front of the race and position myself at the front to stay out of trouble and to keep my legs fresher. The bike course was a real mix - half the lap was straight wide roads and the other half very narrow and twisty. So it was important to stay at the front for the twisty section and on the wide section of the course you just had to be aware and not get caught out. I did a great job of this for the first 7 laps of the bike always staying in the top 5 to 8 riders. Staying near the front really helps you keep control of how hard you accelerate out of the corners. On the last lap everyone was pushing to get to the front and I got caught on the inside of the bunch and lost a few positions.

I was sitting in the top 30 going through the wide part but leading into the twisty section I was to far down and tried to move up. However, the narrow paths made this impossible.


I jumped off the bike but gave the leaders a good 20 to 30 seconds head start on the run - too much to give at this level of racing. I ran out of transition and pushed hard to try to catch up. I didn't seem to make much headway on the first lap and a half.


Towards the end of the second lap I started to feel my legs coming good and I started to pass other athletes. The last 5 km was interesting as the hard bike course took its toll on some athletes legs and they were fading in the second half of the run. I started moving through the field and was moving well.


By the end of the 10 km, I ended up in 23 position which is a solid result but one I am not happy with. I learnt a few things from this race. Always take something away from every race. You develop as an athlete and it makes you a more versatile competitor.


I am now living in Germany for the next few weeks competing in a few Team races preparing for the next World Championship Race in Madrid, Spain. I am looking forward to the race and I will apply my knowledge From the last few races in the hope of getting a much stronger result.

IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner