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I can't believe I have already been in Boulder for a month, it has been quite an exciting time so time has flown by. I have had a very big month here in Boulder. I have moved into my house, my sister Maxine has arrived for the season and I have been learning how to train and deal with snowy conditions. The snowy weather has definitely created some interesting situations and great experiences. Saying that, I have had a very solid training block and have just got home from racing 2 races back to back.


My first race back was in South Beach, Miami and it was great to have some warm weather. I felt good going into the race with the training plan not to back off training much leading into the race as my main focus at the moment is St Anthony's in a few weeks time. A strong field came together in South Beach and I was looking for a good hit out to see how my winter training has prepared me. I didn't have any expectations I just wanted to push myself. It was a very choppy swim and I exited the water in 5th, right in the lead group. With lack of transition practise I was a bit slow in the first change over and lost some contact with the front group. I worked hard on the bike and managed to pull some of the gap back, bringing myself back up to the front group. As I was coming into contact with them I dropped a water bottle and had to make a u-turn and go back and pick it up. It cost me some time and momentum. I got back up to speed as quick as possible but I lost all the time I had just pulled back plus a little bit more, frustrating but those are the rules. I pushed hard to the end of the bike and jumped off in 6th position. I was happy with how I rode and knew I could have ridden with the front group with better transitions and dropping my water bottle.

I felt reasonably good running off the bike and pushed the run. I got caught by one of the fastest runners on the circuit in Chris Foster. He went past and I tried to pick my pace up and go with him, I couldn't quite hold onto him but I did manage to pick up my pace slightly. Coming off the bike there was a group of 6 athletes behind me, Chris came from this group and then I was pasted by another athlete in this bunch. I managed to run with him until the 5km turn around and on the way home pushed and was able to pull away from him. I held onto 8th position against a solid field and had a good start to the US season.


I returned to Boulder Sunday night and had an easier week of training before heading to Phoenix, Arizona the following weekend for a smaller race. The field wasn't as strong but I was excited to push myself and try and go better than the week before. It was a wetsuit swim and I wanted to get use to my new Blue Seventy Speed-suit so I decided not to use a wetsuit. I held onto the feet of a quick swimmer whom had a full length wetsuit on. It was good to push me along and I managed to take the lead off him on the run to transition. I had a much better transition after practising during the week and was out onto the bike first. I pushed hard and was using my power meter and heart rate to guide my effort. There were other athletes on the course competing across some other distances so there was a bit of traffic on the course but there was enough room to pass. The bike ended up being 45km but I was able to split the first 40km faster than the week before by a fair amount, definitely happy about that. I jumped off the bike after pushing myself and expected my legs to feel heavy and sluggish. I was surprised to find that my legs felt better than expected. I had a good lead off the bike and had a lead bike rider leading me around the run course. I kept telling myself to try and catch the bike, it was good motivation to keep pushing hard and keep my pace high! The run course was different to most races with twists and turns and some off road sections. I held my lead until the finish line, registering my first win in The USA! I had the second fastest swim and run for the day and the fastest bike. I was happy with how I put the race together and also to get my first win in the USA. It made me even happier when I found out that my sister Maxine who is in her second season back after more than 7 years off after the Athens Olympics due to injury also won the female race.

I have now returned home to Boulder to finish my final preparation weeks leading into the St Anthony's triathlon at the end of April, definitely excited about that!


IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner