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I have really been gaining some momentum in the final phase of my season, there has been a lot of racing but I have been really enjoying it and feeling fresh and ready to race each time! I had a weekend at home after my last race before heading to Las Vegas for the infamous Interbike Expo, which is one of the worlds largest bicycle shows. I decided to attend to have a look at some new gear before it comes out next year as well as approach possible future sponsors. It was a great few days networking and meeting a lot of people. I went from Las Vegas to Phoenix Arizona for the next Lifetime Series triathlon in Tempe. I raced on a similar course earlier in the year and won. This time around it was a much stronger field and I knew it was going to be a hard race.


The swim start was difficult as it was still a little bit dark as the sun had not broken the horizon yet. I decided to go a darker set of goggles as I knew once the sun was up it would be blinding across the water making sighting the turning buoys harder. My choice of goggles paid off as the sun was bright over the water not long after the gun went off. I was well placed heading out and was sitting in 4th place and feeling comfortable. I followed the feet in front of me and just stayed relaxed. I had one athlete come up next to me on the way home making it a little more difficult having to fend them off but they decided to back off after a short stint.


I jumped out of the water in 4th and felt strong. I had a good exit up to transition and got my bike and hit the road quickly. I got my feet in as fast as possible as we were going straight into a headwind. Cam Dye came past me and I wanted to try and keep him in sight for as long as possible, he really is the strongest cyclist in these non-drafting Olympic Distance triathlons. I went after him and the group behind was scrambling into the wind. Cam opened up a gap on me but I still had two athletes with me in Hunter Kemper who is 4 time Olympian and Joe Malloy who is fresh back from the ITU World Championships in London. I was in good company and I knew there was a long line of strong athletes chasing hard behind us. The bike course comprised of 2 laps and each lap had 3 hairpins to navigate. It was a tough course and the wind definitely made it a challenge.


Towards the end of the first lap Hunter started to fall off the pace to which I found out later was due to a slow leak in his tire. I managed to open a small gap on Joe on the second lap but he was very much still in sight. We managed to drop the rest of the field heading into the run! I had a good transition and ran out feeling good knowing Cam got off the bike with a two-minute lead on us. I thought I was running quickly before Joe came past me making me question my pacing. I stuck to my pacing and settled into a solid rhythm. Joe opened a gap but I managed to keep him in sight. The run was a two-loop course with quite a few hills and some strong wind to contend with each time round. I couldn't see the chasers so I was happy knowing I had a buffer behind me. I pushed on keeping Joe in sight the entire run and also maintaining a good gap behind me.


I finished strong and held onto 3rd, it was my best put together race for the year. I was really happy at the line and it was great to have Cam waiting to congratulate me on the race. Cam is a very genuine champion and he was happy for me to crack the podium in such a strong field. I finished happy still knowing I have so much more to improve on. It is also great knowing that my form is improving as the season goes on. I have 2 more races for the season to go.  I have a weekend at home this weekend before heading down to Dallas for the next Lifetime Series race. I feel my confidence and momentum growing with each race and I am really trying to finish the series in the top five for the overall series. It will be a good battle to make the top five but I am going to use my good form to try and achieve the goal.  Thanks for the ongoing support.


IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner