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Kitzbuhel was the home to the next race in the series. Kitzbuhel town might not be the most recognised name in race venues but it would have to be hands down the most beautiful and picturesque race site in the world. The town is very small and it is one of my most favourite towns. It Is a very wealthy place and is surrounded my mountains that are reaching for the sky and dwarf the town. I particularly like Kitzbuhel for not only the scenery but the cars that are cruising the street. It is a car lovers dream. You see many super cars and lots of luxury cars.


The course this year was changed slightly to previous and it went from 8 laps on the bike to 6. They took the bike down into town and back which made it a bit more challenging with a downhill tunnel then a sharp right-hander at the bottom then a few hundred meters then onto cobbles for the uphill through the centre then back onto the original course out by the lake. It is traditionally a running race with know body able to escape on the bike but with a more challenging bike leg it was a possibility and there was a buzz in the group that something would happen.


I was personally hoping there would be a break away as it would play to my strengths and give me a great opportunity at a good result. I had a solid swim I was aggressive and pushed through and came out in around 10 position. I jumped on the bike and pushed hard o the top of the first hill just to see what was happening. There was nothing going on that lap so I settled into the front 5 positions and was just aware of any possibilities. A group of 3 snuck off the front of the group and opened a small gap. It was a dangerous move and I then went with one other athlete to try and get across but I received no assistance and as I backed off the pressure 2 German athletes who are very strong attacked. I tried to lift and go with them but my legs were feeling my effort only seconds earlier. It was then frustrating next few laps as the time from the break to the main group was growing rapidly and know one in the main group was interested in trying to catch them.


I was trying to encourage other athletes to come and help with the chase but they were not interested.  So with a lap to go I settled down and tried to freshen up for the run. It was going to be a hard fast run and the course is a little harder than you think as it has false flats. I had a descent transition and was out quickly. I was dropping backwards over the first 2 km as my legs were a bit heavy after pushing to much on the bike. I then started to loosen up and run faster. I was able to catch a few people and I was closing slowly on the group in front. I tried so hard to try and catch the 3 athletes hovering just in front but I was unable to catch them before the finish. I was happy but upset with the result. I can say I had a great swim a solid bike but was unlucky to miss the break and ran solid after not getting any help on the bike. I

IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner