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My Mum Suzanne, Dad Peter and Sister Maxine
My family is a huge support and help to me and they are my greatest backers and supporters.  If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be who I am, or where I am, today.  I feel very privileged to have had such a great upbringing, to have lived all over the world and to have never wanted for anything.  They have given up so much to help me chase my dreams as an athlete.  My sister Maxine is an amazing athlete and a true inspiration to me.  It is great to be able to travel the world with your big sister looking over your shoulder - strength in numbers! I hope that we, together, have many more exciting chapters before us as we work towards our goals as athletes.

Ben Day - Coach

I met Ben over 10 years ago and have been great mates ever since. He is an animal on the bike and one of the nicest blokes off. He has always helped guide me when I need any advice as he has studied Physiology and has been a proffessional bike rider for about 10 years. I have decided to work with Ben for his well rounded knowledge and willingness to guide me to be the best I can be. QUALITY IS BETTER THAN QUANTITY.


Bruno Rizzo - Massage Therapist
The one word that describes Bruno is "GURU".  Bruno is easily the best massage therapist I have ever worked with.  If I have a slight niggle I know he will be able to sort it out.  I can talk to Bruno about anything and I consider his guidance and discretion invaluable.  Bruno has been a competitive runner and triathlete in his day and looks after many of Australia's top athletes from the worlds of athletics, triathlon, swimming, water polo, cycling, decathlon and many others!

Niall Collins - Mentor
I met Niall whilst I was working at River City Cycles one day and I immediately noticed his very strong Irish accent.  I managed to forgive him for that since he is married to a great Brisbane girl in Sarah!  He was new to Australia and a very energetic and enthusiastic triathlete.  He, unfortunately, got injured and had to slow down his lifestyle and that didn't sit well with him.  So having a little more time on his hands, he offered his knowledge and assistance in order to help me approach and negotiate with sponsors and to set up my website.   He is an antitrust & competition lawyer by profession and delivers sound commercial acumen in his approach towards my management.  He is an absolute legend and I am greatly appreciative of all his help and work.

Dr Mark Young - Doctor
Mark is my Doctor and the person responsible for fixing me when I had my bad few years with illness.  Mark enjoys competing in triathlons and is always very entertaining.  Mark, like all the other amazing people who help me also assists many top athletes from a wide range of sports.

Michael Bohl - Swim Coach
Michael is an absolute legend and an amazing swim coach. He has, in the past, and still coaches many Australian representative swimmers as well as World Record Holders, Olympic and World Champions. He is a master of his trade and is amazing to watch in action. He is truly one of the leading swim coaches in the world and it is fantastic to have him in my corner. In addition, he knows how to have a good time and a laugh!

Craig Saunders - Mentor
Craig is one of the owners of the bike shop I work at - River City Cycles in Brisbane.  Craig has held many records on the track and road and I'm reliably told that a few of those track records in New Zealand still stand.  I first met Craig back when I was picked up by the Queensland Academy of Sport, through the Talent Identification Program (when Craig was the cycling coach for the triathlon and cycling programs).  He then coached me after the Program finished and ultimately helped me gain many friends in the cycling community and to develop an understanding of bunch etiquette.  We now work together at the bike shop and he is always willing to lend me advice when I need it.  I feel he is a great mentor for my development as a person and as an athlete.

Jeremy Barber - Mentor
I met Jeremy whilst working at River City Cycles and he has been an amazing help to me in understanding how business should be managed, assessing appropriate layout(s) of the shop to help the flow and in learning how you should approach customers.  He has a very creative mind and I always derive benefit from discussing my thoughts on my website and resume with him.  He has had a very colourful background, from completing in many Ironman triathlons, to having a stint in the army and having worked in many different director/management roles. He is very knowledgeable and I feel lucky to have him in my corner.

IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner