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2013 Recap and 2014 and beyond 2013 Recap and 2014 and beyond 2013 Recap and 2014 and beyond 2013 Recap and 2014 and beyond

I have been offline for a few weeks unwinding from the season and letting my mind and body recover so I am ready to step up and get after the work I need to do for next year! I have been back into training for a few weeks now and I am already well ahead of where I was this time last year. I spent two weeks of my off-season in Boulder, CO before coming back to Brisbane Australia for the second two weeks. Before I left Boulder I was able to sit down with my coach Ben Day and discuss how we both thought the year went and what we want to aim for in the coming year. In review 2013 was a great step forward in terms of race performances, experience, handling a big race workload and stepping up to the 70.3 distance. I finished the year having raced 18 races, fourteen Olympic Distance and four 70.3 distance, coming away with a win, two podium places and top ten results in the other races. It was a very consistent year with some major training changes and a big change in my bike position after a trip to the wind tunnel in Arizona. I started the year off with a new coach in Ben Day, he has been a professional cyclist for 15 years and has been coaching for quite a few years at a top level, and his experience and knowledge was something I really benefitted from this year.  I feel as though we have both learnt a lot from each other and our own experiences within our own sports.  I really enjoy being able to challenge each other while working towards a common goal.


This year was the first year I have sat down and watched most of the Hawaii Ironman and I loved it! I was watching and thinking to myself I want to race that race. Ben was in Hawaii when the Ironman was on and once he returned we sat down and talked about what I could do given the right plan building towards the Ironman. We reviewed the year and talked about what we needed to improve on and how we can use the momentum from this year and keep it rolling in the 2014 season. Through our discussions we came up with a five-year plan beginning next year. We have pencilled in a rough guide for my race plan next year but we are quite open to changing this plan depending on how my training blocks go. It will be a year to challenge me to push further than I ever have before as well as looking towards the future and how I can achieve the goals we have set.


I have listed my five-year plan below and it shows my aim of transitioning from an Olympic Distance athlete to an Ironman athlete.  In 2014 I am aiming to get some good 70.3 results on the board, aiming to compete in the 70.3 World Championships. I will also work on building strength and endurance in the body for my Ironman Debut in 2015.



Five Year Plan



Aim: Transition from Olympic Distance focus to a 70.3 focus aiming towards the 70.3 world champs

Priority 1. Qualify 70.3 Worlds,

Priority 2. Hy-Vee,

Priority 3. Lifetime Series




My main focus will be on the 70.3 races with an introductory Ironman.



My aim will be to increase my Ironman experience while still keeping focused on the 70.3 races.




I will be aiming to qualify for the Hawaii Ironman and some good Ironman and 70.3 results.




I will be aiming for a big results at the Hawaii Ironman.



Below is the penciled in calendar that Ben and I have put together for 2014. It will be another solid year in terms of a heavy racing schedule starting with some races in Australia before I transition back to Boulder, CO to continue building into my season.




Race calendar:

Jan - Robina (12th); Auckland 70.3 (19th)

Feb - Geelong 70.3 (9th)

Mar - Oceanside 70.3 (29th)

Apr - Texas 70.3 (6th); St Anthony's 5150 (27th)

May - Columbia 5150 (18th)

Jun - Kansas/Boise/Eagleman/Trinona 70.3 (7/8th); Boulder 70.3(15th); Mont Tremblant 70.3 (22nd)

Jul - Boulder Peak 5150 (13th)

Aug - Hy-Vee

Sep - 70.3 Worlds (7th),

Oct - One or two 70.3 events.


Thank you for your support in 2013. For now I am head down working hard to get a good base behind me for when I return to racing.

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