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Broken Collar BoneBroken Collar BoneBroken Collar Bone

I thought I should update you all on recent events!  I returned to training after my end of season break and was enjoying being back into the swing of things. I was down in Northern NSW on a bike ride during our annual summer camp.  We were, unfortunately, not blessed with great weather.  Indeed, it was at its worst with torrential rain and flooding.  I was struggling a bit during the ride and was sitting 8th wheel in a group of 9 whilst riding along the Tweed Valley Way.  A snake slithered out onto the road as I was riding past and before I knew it my back wheel had slid out and I smacked into the ground quite hard.  I got up quite quickly but realised very soon that my shoulder was not in a good way; there were things moving on the inside that don't normally move!  The crash could have been a lot worse but thankfully I killed the snake while riding over it and my best mate Dan (who also took a tumble) managed to bounce back up relatively unscathed!

Our coaches were following us in a support car so thankfully there were able to get my bike into the car and rush me off to the emergency room to get checked out. I sat in a freezing cold emergency room in wet cycling kit waiting to see a doctor for a few hours. The subsequent x-ray confirmed that I had broken my collarbone into 6 pieces. This was definitely not what I wanted to hear and it certainly brought some emotions out of me.

My mum and sister came down and picked me up from camp and at this stage I thought all was great with thr world as the effects of the rather strong painkillers had definitely kicked in!  I got to see my own doctor the following morning and once he checked me out he called his close friend and well renowned shoulder specialist Dr David Gilpin.  I met with Dr Gilpin later in the day and he recommended that the best recovery option was to operate on the collarbone and duly booked me in for my operation that night. Before I knew it I was coming out of recovery feeling a bit groggy in a dark room with a nurse checking my heartrate.

I now have 11 screws, a plate of titanium and some suture wrapped around my collarbone.  I had a one week post-operation appointment with my doctor yesterday morning and he has given me the all clear to start some indoor stationary bike work and physio exercises to get my shoulder moving again.  At this stage I can start running and swimming again on 1 January although depending on how my recovery and physio work goes this could be sooner.  By the start of February I will be back to my normal training load and looking forward to attacking the season ahead.  I have attached a photo of the first x-ray pre operation and another post operation as well as a photo of the scar.  Unfortunatly I did not see the snake again so I am unable to attach a photo of the snake...

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