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I sit here on a train leaving La Baule on the west coast of France heading to Frankfurt in Germany and as I sit here with Jimi Hendrix Playing excessively loud I think to my self that my last 2 weeks has been an enormous journey.  Over the past 2 weeks I have only spent 2 nights at any one hotel except for in Budapest I spent 4 nights, as it was the World Championships. It has been a very fast 2 weeks with a lot of laughing and enjoying life. I have been in 3 Countries over the 2 weeks but almost crossing borders like they are cracks in the footpath.  I have met many amazing and interesting people and made many friends. For example last night in La Baule at the post race dinner I was in a group of 8 and everyone was from a different country. The language barrier is a small but very fun hurdle for example the amount of times Australian slang gets miss translated is almost every third sentence.  Sometimes it is funny and catches on to new international flavour slang.


The Triathlon Family is a powerful worldwide group. Everyone has a mutual respect as we all know how much work and dedication it takes to be there and that is why everyone has so much fun. You let your hair down and soak up other cultures like you're a giant sponge. It will make you a well-rounded and interesting person if you can absorb culture for every corner of the globe. It might make you a little strange at times but it is a wonderful journey that makes you enjoy and see things that some people might not even know exists.


You travel from Australia, which is a far off mysterious and exciting land to the Europeans to then drop into Asia somewhere for a race or two and experience the language/food/culture differences. The Asian food is a very required taste but I love it between the Raw Beef and fish to the exotic curries you have to eat like a local I believe to prevent sickness. If the locals eat it I think it will be fresher than the Western food that has been sitting there for months, which the locals don't like. When you depart Asia you leave this almost cartoon like atmosphere to arrive in Europe. European culture is amazing and is just addictive. Between the bakeries in France and Germany I think I would be the size of a house if it wasn't for a little self control and training.


I will admit that over the last few weeks I was struggling with missing everything that I call home. It is hard at times living in the exotic place away from your loved ones. The thing that makes you jump these small little lulls is the thought that you are here representing your country and the more you enjoy yourself the faster time flies and the sooner it feels like you are heading home.  When I went through a lull it felt like everyday was going so slowly but as soon as I started to enjoy where I was again and realise how lucky I was time seems to go so fast it is almost hard to keep up.


I have had 5 different roommates in that period and I now feel like I am well and truly ready to go home to Australia and sleep in my bed and see my family who I miss enormously. It has been a 5-month journey, which is a first of many to come living, and competing in Europe and it has been my first in the Elite Ranks.


As a season recap I have had a year of mixed results and emotions. I started the season brilliantly with a 3rd and 6th place in world cups, 2nd at the Australian National titles and a 14th in a World Championship race.


The life of a professional triathlete might seem glamorous and everyone would love to live that life style and believe me I feel luck and blessed to be able to.

IMA 2010 Winner - Best in Class
Web Awards 2010 Winner