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It has been a crazy week in Boulder. It has had to deal with a 100 year flood and there is a huge amount of devastation in the local area. Over 2000 People have been evacuated and there is a constant stream of Helicopters rescuing people from flooded areas.


I am in one of the few areas that has no signs of flooding. My coach and his wife are currently staying with me after getting evacuated from their house up in the mountains. Boulder as a town has rallied together and is surprisingly calm.


I have been working hard around the flooding and closures and washed out roads to get ready for the final 3 races for the season. I am about to head off to Las Vegas for a few days to check out interbike. I then head to Tempe Arizona for the next Lifetime series race. I am excited to get amongst the racing again and to finish off the season strongly.


You can check out the series www.lifetimetri.com/

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